World and International Competitors

Coach Tom Zakrajsek has been in the spotlight of international competition many times. Some of the skaters and their accomplishments achieved under Tom's training are pictured here. Tom is the only coach to have had students win 3 out of 4 Championship Men podium medals at the same Nationals. Pictured left are Becky Calvin with Brandon Mroz, Jeremy Abbott and Ryan Bradley proudly showing their winnings. Jeremy Abbott won the Gold Medal in the Senior Men's Event at the 2009 U.S. Championships. The silver medal went to Brandon Mroz, the bronze to Evan Lysacek and the pewter to Ryan Bradley. Abbott, Mroz, and Bradley all trained under Coach Tom Z at the Colorado Springs World Arena and the Broadmoor Skating Club.

Tom has taught triple axels and quads to more skaters than any other coach in the US.

Tom has taught triple axels to Max Aaron, Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, Nicholas Brooks, Jason Brown, Roger Corvasce, Joshua Farris, Jon Felder, Brendyn Hatfield, Alex Johnson, Tim Koleto, Casey McCraw, Willy Michael, Brandon Mroz, Mirai Nagasu, Andrew Nagode, TJ Nyman, Paul Bonifacio Parkinson, Camden Pulkinen, Phoebe Stubblefield and Vincent Zhou. Tom has taught quadruples to Max Aaron (quad sal and toe), Jeremy Abbott (quad sal and toe), Ryan Bradley (quad toe), Nicholas Brooks (quad toe), Roger Corvasce (quad toe), Joshua Farris (quad toe), Casey McCraw (quad sal and toe), Brandon Mroz (quad toe, loop, flip and lutz), Paul Bonifacio Parkinson (quad sal), Adrian Tesson (quad sal and toe) and Vincent Zhou (quad sal, toe and lutz).


Vincent Zhou  Mirai Nagasu

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Sochi and Vancouver photos by Matthew Stockman, Getty Images

World Team Members

World Champion Jeremy Abbott Ryan Bradley World Champion world-champion-2 world-champion-3 world-champion-06 Vincent Zhou  Bradie Tennell

World Junior Champions

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Grand Prix Final Champion