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Article on the state of men’s figure skating from The Boston Globe: Male skaters need the quad, but it’s so risky

Reigning United States men’s figure skating champion Max Aaron long ago gave the quadruple jump a nickname. He calls it “The Beast.” With four revolutions in the air where skaters fight gravity at every turn, the quad is tough to control. Skaters who can successfully execute the quad, who can tame “The Beast” and land upright, enjoy a competitive advantage. READ MORE

Coach Tom Z has been featured on Jo Ann Schneider Farris’ articles and interviews. She has participated in figure skating for most of her life as a competitor, coach and author.

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jo-ann-scheider-farrisJo Ann began skating as a young child. She won a silver medal in the junior dance event at the United States National Figure Skating Championships and is a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist. She coaches figure skating and has trained skaters of all ages and levels. In addition, Jo Ann teaches hockey players to skate and gives instruction in power skating. She is the author of How to Jump and Spin on In-Line Skates, the only book of its kind on inline figure skating. Jo Ann also has contributed articles that have been included on the US Figure Skating website and the website, in SKATING Magazine, Ice Skating Institute’s magazine, the Professional Skaters Association magazine, and she also writes about ice skating for She is a member of the Professional Skaters Association, The Broadmoor Skating Club, Ice Skating Institute, and U.S. Figure Skating.