Student Letter (Note some policies may be different due to the pandemic.)

Dear Skating Student,

Thank you for your interest in working with me on your figure skating goals. I am truly honored and humbled. Your lesson schedule will be sent by text or email. In addition to your on ice lesson time with me, I want to let you know about several other opportunities that are offered while you visit our arena.

Most recently the Broadmoor World Arena won the PSA Edi Award for outstanding training center at the 2013 PSA conference in Chicago. Many of our coaches have been honored with numerous coaching awards, so no matter who you are working with you will receive a great lesson and learn something about figure skating.

If you are here to work exclusively with me, I am able to oversee and direct your entire learning process if that is what you and your primary coach at home want me to do. If this is this case, please have your primary coach and parent make this situation clear to all of the other coaches you are working with during your time here. I am also able to coordinate my work with the other coaches and work in a supporting role with any other coach you choose to direct you. Finally, if you simply want to consult with me on technical information, I am happy to serve in that role, too. It is your skating so it is your call.
A couple of notes about my disciplined, systematic way of coaching.

My strategies for learning include the following:

1. Video feedback analysis through an IPad application by HUDL. This is very similar to the Dartfish technology but quicker and I am able to move around the rink and film you on your natural jumping and spinning patterns from different angles both on and off the ice.
Becky Calvin does provide Dartfish feedback to all of my resident athletes based on my instructions to her during a 10 minute off ice lesson usually done immediately prior to a session you are skating on. This allows you to have fresh video images in your brain, set a technical goal for a specific jump BEFORE you get on the ice. This method allows you to keep your physical activity at a high pace AND work on your jump while keeping your body warm by not having to stand around during your on ice work. If you are interested in this type of Dartfish work, please contact Becky directly by text 719-964-3709 or

2. I also train all of my resident skaters off ice on jump techniques, jump exercises, strength exercises and speed and agility drills. If you are interested in this type of lesson please see me in person because I usually do these lessons during ice make breaks in the hallway or ballet room between the NHL and Olympic rinks. These lessons are 10 minutes long and I usually do 2 lessons per week on different days. You can purchase one 20 minute ticket for both lessons.

3. Because many skaters forget their technical lessons, I have prepared handouts of each jump that include my basic language of teaching, diagrams of the jump pattern, take-offs, key words and other helpful things. I am also able to customize this handout during your lesson. These sheets cost $10 for each jump or are available as a packet for all 6 jumps for $50, a savings of $10. This packet makes an excellent bridge for your return to your primary coach back home as you can easily share all the information that you learned here with me as your coach.

4. Every Saturday at 8:00 am and 1:15 pm, I offer a sports concepts class in the ballet room of the arena. This class is designed to teach you about the many different qualities it takes to be a champion in a fun, relaxed way. This class includes 15 minutes of discussion, 15 minutes of video analysis and 15 minutes of technical exercises. The cost for this 45 minute group class is one 5 minute ticket or $10. You are welcome to attend either class or both but the topic will be the same each week.

5. I do teach an on ice power class for those who are Novice level and above on Monday at 6 pm in the OLY rink.

6. Some rink policies you should be aware include:

a. Purchasing lesson tickets for all coaches through the front office in the lobby ahead of time and then presenting the ticket at the start of each lesson to the coach.

b. Playing your music on each session one time if you place your music in the line early enough. Coaches are allowed to cut the line by placing their lesson CD/phone backwards. So if you notice this happening it is ok.

c. Skaters who are wearing a sash are doing their program so please yield the right of way to them at all times and make sure you wear a sash when you do your program, too.

d. Always clear the ice promptly at the end of each session and if you want to patch some holes I know our zamboni guys would appreciate the help.

e. If you are double booked with another coach for the same session, please remember that every coach on the session is working with two skaters or working also in the other rink and we must all work together to accommodate our lessons so please do not get frustrated if conflicts arise. Complex situations like this involve coordinating as many as 20-22 lessons each session (11 coaches working on the session x 2 lessons each) so mutual respect for each others’ time is appreciated. Remember if you want to schedule off ice lesson time see me in person.

Here’s hoping your time at the arena is filled with learning while at the same time exciting, challenging and fun. Please remember to work hard and sweat because you are an athlete!
Best wishes for your time here,

Coach Tom Z

Olympic Coach 2010, 2014, 2018-Order of Ikkos

10-time World Coach
Coach of US Senior Champions (Abbott ’09, Flatt ’10, Bradley ’11, Aaron ’13)
Master-rated in freestyle since 1991
MS in Exercise Science from University of Colorado-CS
USFS Developmental Coach of the Year-1999
PSA Coach of the Year-2009