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In these 7 videos, Coach Tom Z teaches an Axel class at the Grassroots to Champions Supercamp held in Faribault, Minnesota in July and August 2013. This is a multi-part series by Tom, sharing the information that he covered in his classes at camp. This series was originally posted at

Learning an Axel Jump Part 1

This is a sample of the type of technical videos you can find when you join Club Z. This first video covers the "meat and potatoes" of how to teach an Axel jump.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 2

The second video shows my line drills which help the skater learn how to create clean rotation.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 3

In this third video check out my pogo stick exercise. It is a bit harder than it looks so be careful if you demonstrate it and have your skaters try it off the ice first and then at a slow speed on ice before going all out.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 4

Part 4 of my Axel Series which I presented at Audrey Weisiger's G2C camp in July. This video is for coaches who have skaters who already know how to land an Axel and want to refine it.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 5

Axel class number 5 features information about the first, second and third ups, the Karate Kid take-off and reversing out... and hopefully some humor. I think I should stick to coaching and forget being a comedian.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 6

This short video contains a detailed explanation of how skaters must position their head on the takeoff of the jump. I find this is always an important but difficult concept to explain.

Learning an Axel Jump Part 7


This is the seventh and final video in the Axel Series. A special thanks to and Trevor Laak for his editing. I hope you enjoy this series. Now it's time to Join Club Z for similar videos on all of the other foundation jumps plus fun exercises and drills, jump combination technique, flying spins and much more!

From Tom: "Also, I give a shout out to my colleague, Doug Leigh, a great guy and legendary coach and technician, when I talk about his hop hop stick exercise. Even though it was edited out of this video, I have previously posted National competitor Luke West demonstrating the exercise on my Facebook page and Instagram (July 3, 2013) accounts. The importance of the 3rd up as part of the refining process is covered. Check out my walk through of the axel. Don't you think it is pretty good for an old guy?"

The Skating Lesson Videos

Coach Tom Zakrajsek is one of the premier figure skating coaches in the United States. In the past five years, Coach Tom Z has produced four different Senior National Champions. In part one of this video interview hosted by "The Skating Lesson", Tom's early career is discussed as well as his training philosophy and the students who took his coaching career to the top of the sport.

Teaser of "The Skating Lesson" Interview with Coach Tom Z

Part One of Coach Tom Z Interview on "The Skating Lesson"
Part Two of Coach Tom Z's Skating Lesson interview is unavailable due to International Olympic Committee and USFS video copyright protection.

Periodization Videos

Coach Tom Z discusses the importance of having a plan and following that plan in order to develop athletes from the grass roots level to the world level.
Periodization Video 1
Periodization Video 2
Periodization Video 3
This video contains answers to the quiz presented in Coach Tom Z's Periodization Model document and can be found in Periodization Post 15.