Coach Tom Z’s Periodization Workbook

I have something very exciting to share with all Club Z members and skating enthusiasts who visit My first workbook for figure skating coaches and elite figure skaters will be available soon. This has been a year-long project that I worked on with fellow figure skating coach Erin Murphy.

The topic is periodization and what is so cool about this workbook is that it takes complex theoretical information about training principles and breaks it down into easy-to-understand examples. The workbook will be available on my website in a downloadable and printable PDF format. In addition, there are worksheets to be filled out and a short quiz to be taken at the end of the book.

The workbook is currently being reviewed by my friend and distinguished colleague Dr. Bill Sands. I first met Dr. Sands back in 2007 when he was building the first-ever recovery center at the United States Olympic Training Center. We began intensive work coordinating on and off-ice training plans which produced some of my most successful years as a coach. Dr. Sands is currently living and working in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As part of the rollout promotional campaign, excerpts from the workbook can be found on the John Wilson website as part of my “Perfection to Your Routine” blog. Check out my latest post which features some tips for creating a periodization plan here: Tom Z’s Blog

And make sure and check out the Cover


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